5. January 2023

GRØNBLÅ is about circular economy. How does recycling fit in?

Every day we recycle our used products and packaging to a greater or lesser extent and in different ways – depending on our home country and living situation. In that context we nearly always stumble upon the term circular economy. There is maybe some confusion about how these two terms differ and what role recycling plays in a circular economy.

What exactly means circular economy?
There is not a general definition for the term circular economy. Dr. David Greenfield, a circular economy specialist, uses a definition from the Circular Economy Institute defines it in this way,

"A circular economy is defined as an alternative to the current linear economy in which we extract, produce, consume and waste resources. In a circular economy, systems and products are designed to eliminate the concept of waste by enabling the recovery and reuse of all materials at the highest possible value at all times."

There is general agreement that it is a cycle in which waste is used to make something new and recycling is part of it. In the end recycling is an action or a process of converting waste into reusable material.

“In a properly built circular economy, one should rather focus on avoiding the recycling stage at all costs. It may sound straightforward, but preventing waste from being created in the first place is the only realistic strategy.” World Economic Forum

Circularity – from nature, back to nature
GRØNBLÅ uses certified Bio-compostable material to manufacture products that are from natural, regrowing resources. In that way GRØNBLÅ delivers thousands of different sustainable products for the most diverse applications. The compostable material can be fully biodegraded by microorganisms in composting facilities or a garden. The material is degraded and returned-to-nature into organic carbon, which can be used as fertilizer to nourish and grow plants. GRØNBLÅ can set up in-house compostable systems using advanced biological technology with uniquely modified bacteria strains and enzymes to faster break down the material. Through the degradation process, the material gets synthesized into commercially valuable organic compounds like organic fertilizer for replanting forests, flowers and even commercial agriculture .

The vision behind the product
It all started with the founders' desire to make the world a better place for future generations. Behind GRØNBLÅ are two visionaries, Jayu Yang and Ph.D. Shu Yuan Yang, who have a wide range of experience. Jayu Yang is a successful founder and entrepreneur in the global bicycle industry. She has first-hand knowledge of packaging problems and solutions. Shu Yuan Yang, who graduated with honors from Yale with a degree in biology, brings a wealth of experience in product development and background knowledge in materials and waste management. Best conditions to achieve better results for people and the environment.

Let’s start.

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