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Replacing one-time-only plastic into 100% compostable material!

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GRØNBLÅ means green and blue. The name represents our company’s competence and vision for a green planet and sustainable products. We believe that there is no end to what we can achieve on sustainability – but there is a start!

Jayu Yang

Bio-compostable plastic is already used in many industries today. GRØNBLÅ goes much further. As a solutions partner, GRØNBLÅ helps companies and brands to push their green and sustainable efforts to a new level.

GRØNBLÅ wants to create a true circular economy: First and foremost is the use of proven and certified bioplastics for packaging and accessories. A take-back program to ensure that the bio-compostable material is collected without being mixed with other material and composted in special facilities. In addition, GRØNBLÅ is working intensively with renowned research partners to further optimize the process of composting using bacteria and enzymes.

Our goal is to offer high-performance bio-compostable materials and create true closed-loop solutions where the material is not discarded after use but returned to nature in an environmentally friendly way.

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Grønblå Jayu Yang

Jayu Yang
CEO + Co-Founder

Thanks to her many years of experience in the industry and a deep desire to make the world a better place for future generations, she knows the challenges of dealing with plastics and packaging materials as well as the problems of disposal and recycling.

Grønblå Jeppe Kofod

Jeppe Kofod
Advisory Chairman

Jeppe Kofod brings a wealth of experience and a great passion for environmental issues. As a former Danish Foreign Minister and Minister for Trade Policy, Kofod has a deep insight into the complex dynamics of international relations and economic flows.

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Dr. Shu Yuan Yang
Director of Research + Co-Founder

Under the leadership of Dr. Shu- Yuan Yang, Director of Research at GRØNBLÅ and Associate Professor at Chang Gung University, Taiwan, GRØNBLÅ is working intensively with renowned research partners to further optimize the process of composting



Gronbla Bio and Environment

We are working closely with the laboratory of Dr. Sebastian Fugmann and Dr. Shu Yuan Yang. The biologists are well on their way to making biodegradation the method of choice for PLA waste management.

Their success will be a prime example of how biotechnology can provide a green and effective system for addressing the environmental challenges of plastics.

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