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360° from nature back to soil

As a solutions partner, GRØNBLÅ helps companies and brands to push their green and sustainable efforts to a new level. We offer a wide range of certified compostable materials and combine them with in-depth production knowledge and 360° services.

Together with our partners, we offer our clients a one-stop experience: from prototyping to mass-produced products according to our customers specifications: environmentally friendly, tested, certified – and 100% compostable.

Gronbla Circular Composting


100% Plant-based and 100% compostable

Our goal is to produce as little waste as possible through sustainable concepts and the highest possible proportion of biologically produced, compostable materials, and at the same time also to preserve our world’s resources.

The further increase in environmental pollution calls for a fundamental rethink in raw materials, production and use, with the goal of a new circular economy. We are taking the first steps and thinking in new biological and environmentally compatible solutions. Join us! Together we can change the world.

For us, avoiding unnecessary packaging is just as much an essential goal as using renewable raw materials and biodegradable and compostable materials. Together with our customers and partners, we want to set the standards.


Bury your used product in a compostable environment, which could be a garden or food waste machine. The products are decomposed in 60 – 90 days into organic carbon, fertilizer and thus returned to the Earth: A great solution for our planet!


Compostable materials are made from polymerization of plant-derived building blocks; this is in contrast to conventional plastics which are made from fossil fuels. So compostable materials are more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic.


Our compostable materials can be fully biodegraded by microorganisms in composting facilities or your garden. The material is degraded into organic carbon, which can be used as fertilizer to nourish and grow plants.

Tested and certified

GRØNBLÅ products are tested by independent laboratories from Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan, which are proven to be free of plasticizers, BPA, phthalates and meets international standards for heavy metals content.


Grønblå provides cutting-edge alternatives to conventional plastics

All our resins are tested, certified and free of BPA, Phthalates and other plasticizers and will degrade within 60 to 90 days in a commercial composting facility.

Water Bottles, dispenser etc.: Our blow molding resins are composed of biodegradable PBAT, PLA & PBS. Certified for industrial composting environments and will degrade within 60 to 90 days in a commercial composting facility.

Bags, films, etc.: The Compostable Film Extrusion Resins are for most blown film extruders and converting bag / making equipment.

Cutlery, care products etc.: We provide Compostable Injection Molding Resins with easy process-ability and excellent mechanical and physical properties in finished molding parts.

Food containers etc.: The Compostable Resins for Sheet Extrusion meet the highest standards for thermoformed containers and the use with cold and hot dishes.

Wide range of packaging: Our Foam Sheets with Compostable Resins are naturally anti-static and water soluble.

Paper, paperboards, mugs, cups etc.: Our Compostable Resins for Extrusion coating applications are grease-, moisture- and heat-resistant.

A wide range of device protection:  Our Compostable Resins for Bubble Film ensure maximum strength, high resilience and heat resistance up to 90°C.

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