23. April 2024

Former Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod joins GrønBlå A/S as Advisory Chairman to Champion a world free of plastic and waste

GrønBlå A/S, aspiring to be a leader in sustainable environmental solutions, is thrilled to announce that Jeppe Kofod, former Danish Foreign Minister and Minister for Trade Policy, and a prominent advocate for global sustainability policies, has joined the company as Advisory Chairman. This strategic appointment underscores GrønBlå's commitment to pioneering sustainable practices and supports its mission to eliminate single-use plastic waste.


Kofod brings a wealth of experience in international relations and environmental advocacy to GrønBlå. During his tenure as Foreign Minister, he was instrumental in promoting initiatives aimed at combating climate change and enhancing sustainable practices on a global scale. His leadership at GrønBlå is expected to drive significant advancements in business solutions for the elimination of single-use plastics and waste worldwide. "I am excited to join GrønBlå and work towards a future where our planet is free from plastic pollution," said Jeppe Kofod. "It is imperative that we address the world's huge plastic pollution problem with innovative solutions that not only preserve our ecosystems, oceans, and health, but also provide real, implementable, and sustainable alternatives for businesses and consumers worldwide wanting to eliminate single-use plastic."

GrønBlå's innovative approach includes developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and materials that replace single-use plastics with biodegradable and compostable alternatives. The company provides comprehensive services and products to businesses, from conceptualizing actual implementable solutions, including effective composting solutions, ensuring they can achieve their environmental goals without compromising on efficiency or quality.

"Having Jeppe Kofod on our team is a game-changer for our mission," said Jayu Yang, Founder of GrønBlå. "His global perspective and unwavering commitment to environmental issues will be invaluable as we expand our reach and impact. Together, we are setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry." “With our strong focus on creating our own materials and enzymes to create even more efficient degradation processes, together with Jeppe’s vast experience in supporting businesses and legislation to lead the way in sustainability, GrønBlå is committed to work with businesses to deliver meaningful change,” added Jayu Yang.

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