From fossil fuels to plant-based materials, turning the plastic industry upside down.

Our biocompostable materials are made from plant building blocks.

100% compostable product, producing zero waste.

Using modified bacteria strains and enzymes to break down our material into soil.

Providing a zero waste service solution for your event needs.

Designed to match 1:1 the properties of conventional plastics like cups, straws, bottles, etc.



Replacing plastics with 100% biocompostable materials.

GRØNBLÅ committed to leading the charge towards a sustainable future by supporting companies in their journey to eliminate plastic waste and reduce environmental footprints throughout the value chain—from the use of biodegradable and compostable materials to efficient composting that leaves zero waste behind.

The innovative approach includes developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies and materials that replace single-use plastics with biodegradable and compostable alternatives. The company provides comprehensive services and products to businesses, from conceptualizing actual implementable solutions, including effective composting solutions, ensuring they can achieve their environmental goals without compromising on efficiency or quality.

This commitment will be invaluable to all companies aiming to fulfill their ESG aspirations and comply with the new EU CSRD requirements.

Join us! Together we can change the world.

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“We cannot turn a blind eye to the environmental consequences of plastic pollution. We must move into action when we know we can create sustainable alternatives.”

Jayu Yang


Former Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod joins GrønBlå A/S as Advisory Chairman

Grønblå Jeppe Kofod

”I am excited to join GrønBlå and work towards a future where our planet is free from plastic pollution.”


GrønBlå A/S, aspiring to be a leader in sustainable environmental solutions, is thrilled to announce that Jeppe Kofod, former Danish Foreign Minister and Minister for Trade Policy, and a prominent advocate for global sustainability policies, has joined the company as Advisory Chairman.

This strategic appointment underscores GrønBlå’s commitment to pioneering sustainable practices and supports its mission to eliminate single-use plastic waste.



+8% of global oil production requires the production of plastic per year.
99% of all seabirds will have plastic in their stomachs by 2050.
+56% of the plastic ever produced worldwide has been produced since the year 2000.

Custom Solutions for brands and companies

We are convinced that the future belongs to green companies and products. Together with you, we analyze materials and processes used and design future-oriented sustainable solutions.

With our partners, we offer you everything from a single source if required: from prototyping to the series product according to your wishes. High-performance, proven and certified. Bioplastics have the potential to solve many of our problems.

In-house composting – 100% circularity

For our clients we can set up in-house compostable systems using advanced biological technology with uniquely modified bacteria strains and enzymes to faster break down the GRØNBLÅ material.

Through our degradation process, we can synthesize our material into commercially valuable organic compounds like organic fertilizer for replanting forests, flowers and even commercial agriculture.

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